I've been asked a lot to make a hovercraft so Gearbest sent me these so I could do it. Those are very nice little motors and work great so If you feel like it, take a look here:

ZOP Power LiPo Battery 11.1V 6000mAh 3S 35C

RC Quadcopter Propulsion System - EMAX RS2205 Motors + LittleBee 30A ESCs + Propellers


I've spent around 70€ only in plastic in this project but this thing could crash into a wall and the wall would break, I need to redesign everything so it is much lighter. Also I'd like to do it in only one piece. I've realised that I need much less space Inside than I previously thought so I think I can make it smaller but still powerful. It'd be great If I could do it so anyone with a CR-10 or any other printer of similar volume could print one. 


Before anyone asks, I'm planing on releasing the Fusion360 files once it is done because it'd be great to see people making one of these. I think I can make a good enough hovercraft so, we'll see. 

This is how the thing should have looked like if this design worked. I had to put this here before I delete it in an iterative design frenzy.


I've used almost all my printers to make this project because of the amount of parts that I needed, If you are interested you can check them out here:

CR-10 - A reliable workhorse.

Anycubic Mega I3 - The Ultrabase is like magic

CR-10 Upgraded

Tevo Tornado 2017 - Really impressed about the hotbed, things really stick to that.

I hope you enjoyed the video, Thanks!!!