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If you want to contact me this is the place to go but before you let yourself go in this form filling frenzy let me give you a few tips:

Business inquiries: Ok, go ahead and please leave as much information as you can. 

3D printing inquiries: I'm sorry, Youtube is a hard working endeavour and I have another job on top of that, I cannot run a 3D printing service. 

All relative to videos: Please comment on the video you want to talk me about, this way we all can learn from it. I still can and do read all the comments. If I don't have time to answer your comment I'm really sorry and thankful for your understanding. 

Want to buy something from me?: If you can buy it, do it. I very rarely do bespoke jobs and it is always much more expensive than buying commercial. 

You just want to complain? to say congrats?: Definitely this is the place to go!

None of the above? not sure?: Please go ahead, I'll be happy to hear from you, I cannot guarantee that I'll answer but I'll try my best. 

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